All-in-one DVD, VCD, SVCD
Converter Burner
for Mac OS X

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Discover the easy way to author DVD, VCD, SVCD and more with this easy to use MPEG Converter and Burner. Convert from .mov, iMovie, Quicktime, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, mpg to DVD, VCD, SVCD, XVCD, XSVCD and burn in one step.

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iVCD offers all the features you need and the ease of use you really want from MPEG Converter and DVD, VCD, SVCD burner software for your OS X Macintosh.

Key Features:


Discover the easy way to make a DVD, SVCD or VCD in just one step With the Convert + Image + Burn button, you can author in just one step! Or you can do just the steps one at a time. And there’s an easy to use “drag and drop” interface
Convert almost anything to DVD, VCD, SVCD.
Use iVCD to

  • convert from iMovie (.mov), Quicktime Movie (.mov), MPEG (.mpg)*, AVI*, DivX*, XviD*, WMV*
  • convert to DVD, VCD, SVCD, XVCD, XSVCD or MPEG (generic MPEG)
Burn DVD,VCD and more

  • Burn DVD
  • Burn standard VCD, SVCD
  • Burn non-standard XVCD or XSVCD
  • Burn DVD, VCD with menus (playback control)
  • Burn a looping DVD/VCD for use in Kiosks and retail outlets
  • Burn hybrid movie/music CDs
  • Burns VCDs that will Autorun on Windows
Flexible operation

  • Use the convenient one-step “convert+image+burn” operation, or use the converter/MPEG encoder standalone
  • CPU Usage Control allows you to manage the amount of CPU used by iVCD during the Convert process
  • Support for CDR Disk At Once (cdrdao) in additional support iVCD provides for drives not supported by Apple’s Disc Recording APIs
Video Rescuing features

  • Light video feature rescues video that’s too dark
  • TV Safe Border feature rescues video that appears clipped on the TV screen
MPEG Encoder support

  • Encode MPEG – MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Generic MPEG encoder
  • Variable MPEG encoding quality
  • Preview Windows previews encoded MPEG for quality check before burn
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio selection
    1:1 – for computer display,
    4:3 – for standard television,
    16:9 –for widescreen television
  • Interlace option
Convenience features

  • Keeps a project folder so you can easily make more copies
  • Erase CD-RWs
  • Plays movies (.mov) and previews encoded MPEG
Supports NTSC and PAL output formats
Erases CD-RWs
Free demo. Download a free trial of iVCD

Find out for yourself how easy it is to make a VCD
with an all-in-one VCD converter/burner

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