ShredIt for Mac OS

File Shredder / Hard Drive Cleaner
for Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9

ShredIt - Secure delete for Mac OS 8 and 9
ShredIt - Erase internet cache, history Mac OS 8 and 9

Wipe a file, erase a hard drive with this easy to use File Shredder – computer privacy software that shreds data so it can’t be recovered.


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Learn more about this file shredder that offers all the features you need to clean a hard drive, wipe a file and more – as well as the ease of use and safety features you really want from data file shredder software.

Throwing data in the computer trash does not remove the file contents from the hard drive, the data can be recovered by someone else.

  • Users who need to dispose of confidential data on an ongoing basis appreciate how easy ShredIt is to use – just drag the file on to the ShredIt icon and ShredIt File Shredder will wipe the file data so it can’t be recovered.
  • Users who want to erase the contents of a hard drive before disposing of a computer can be confident that using ShredIt Hard Drive Cleaner will accomplish the job.
  • Do you need a File Shredder? Take the ShredIt Data Shredder Test. It takes less than 2 minutes, to find out.

Key Features:
ShredIt shreds everything ’Ï will erase a file, a folder, disk free space, files you’ve already deleted, a hard drive, an external hard drive, and even a floppy disk
ShredIt is easy to use
Step-by-step instructions will have you up and running in less than 15 minutes. With the option to “drag and drop” or “select from menu”, you can use ShredIt the way you’re most comfortable. With the progress bar, you’ll know exactly what’s happening.
ShredIt has built-in safety features
Since there is no way to recover an item that is accidentally shredded, ShredIt comes with built-in safety features, including:
• The “Confirm before Shred” feature.
• The “Safe Place” feature.
• The “Don’t panic” disk shredding feature.
• Comprehensive documentation.
Optional Overwrite Standards Compliance – Optional compliance with US Department of Defense, NSA and Gutmann electronic shredding standards.
Overwrite Options – A configurable overwrite pattern and number of overwrites.
ShredIt is cross-platform, making ShredIt an ideal choice for the multi-platform office. There’s a ShredIt version for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8, Mac OS 7, Windows.
Free demo
Proven Track Record – ShredIt software has been successfully erasing data for over 10 years.

See for yourself how easy it is to
erase a file, a folder or your whole hard drive
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