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June 29, 2004
Mireth Technology adds OGG Vorbis to MacMP3CD – Version 1.5. released

Mireth Technology Vancouver, BC June 29, 2004 -- Mireth Technology Corp. has released version 1.5 of MacMP3CD , its MP3 Player, Ripper, Converter, Burner software. Version 1.5 adds features to make it more flexible and easier to use than ever. With this new version, MacMP3CD now plays OGG Vorbis and Audio CD format, in addition to the MP3, WMA, WAV formats supported in the previous version. It plays either direct from a computer or from a CD and supports playback for CDs which use folder navigation. Also new to this version are ripping and converting capabilities. Music Man will rip tracks or whole CDs as well as converting to OGG or WAV formats. And in addition to using menu navigation, you can now select music by dragging and dropping it on to the MacMP3CD window.

As digital music evolves, so does MacMP3CD

With this new version, MacMP3CD now supports all the major formats - MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and Audio CD.

“As digital music has evolved, so has MacMP3CD ”, said Donna Johnson, President of Mireth Technology. “When we first developed MacMP3CD , we had a hard time even finding a player that would play the MP3 CD format. Now we’ve moved on to support WMA and OGG. Next year, who knows?”

Other aspects of digital music that have also evolved include the use of folders for CD navigation and a new format for ID3 tags. MacMP3CD supports both folder playback and folder burning. The ID3 tag, used by CD players to display song Title and Artist information, has evolved from the older ID3v1 tag to the newer ID3v2 tag. If the ID3 tags aren’t displayed on a player, it could be that they’re missing altogether, or that the tag that is on the MP3 is the wrong one for that player. MacMP3CD overcomes the problem of newer tags not displaying on older players by creating the tag the player can display. In addition, MacMP3CD has always supported the project folder concept. It stores the order and format information for a CD in a project folder, so you can easily make a second copy of a CD at the push of a button.

Pricing and Availability

MacMP3CD for Mac OS X is available for immediate download, or on CD, starting at $19.95. Registered users of previous versions of MacMP3CD can upgrade for free. Educational pricing and volume discounts are available. For more information about new features, visit www.mireth.com/pub/mpme.html

About Mireth Technology Corp.

Founded in 1991, Mireth Technology Corp. (www.mireth.com) produces easy-to-use and cost effective Macintosh software, including ShredIt, NetShred, MacMP3CD , and MacVCD, the best selling Macintosh VCD playing software in the world. Mireth is well-known in the industry for providing robust, well-tested products and outstanding customer support. A Vancouver based corporation, Mireth Technology produces “The right software for the job.”(TM)

"Thanks so much- you guys are the best at support of any software maker I've ever dealt with!"


"I am highly impressed with your customer service - ...you replied to my query within fifteen minutes, and I had ... Netshred up and running soon after.

I admit that I viewed the complimentary comments down the left hand side of the support page of your site with a bit of scepticism, but now I am another one of your admirers - an excellent product and a customer service to match."

Gordon L.

"You sell a great product and it was great doing business with you."


"MacVCD is outstanding. My VCDs have never looked better and, as promised, now play flawlessly in OS X. Thanks very much."


"Wow! You guys are great. I'll spread the word about your products. Keep up the good work!"

Dr. P Rock

"Thanks for a wonderful product and the top notch support."


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