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February 10, 2001
NetShred 2.8 Released

Mireth Technology has released version 1.8 of the Macintosh privacy utility NetShred.

NetShred, with Browser Watch Technology, is a software utility that permanently erases files you created when using the Internet. Each time it is run, NetShred erases web browser cache, browser history files and email trash. It supports several web browsers and email applications, and can be run either manually or automatically (when you quit from your browser or email application, or when you shutdown your computer.) NetShred also works with Netscape profiles, will find cache files that are not in the default location and will allow you to select the pattern with which the data is overwritten.

Prior to version 1.8 file contents would be overwritten multiple times (as configured by the user) but the file name was only overwritten one time. Version 1.8 adds support for multiple overwrites of file names so that the file name is protected to the same degree as the file contents. Version 1.8 also completes the rebranding of this product from The ARC Company to the Mireth Technology Corporation.

For more information please see: http://www.mireth.com/NS.html

"Wow! You guys are great. I'll spread the word about your products. Keep up the good work!"

Dr. P Rock

"Thanks for a wonderful product and the top notch support."


"Your company's capability to communicate at this level and at this speed is damn near unique in the software industry. I've recommended you products, referred your website to number of people, personal and in business."


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