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Dec 5, 2002
NetShred X for Macintosh OS X launched

Mireth Technology has released the OS X version of NetShred, it’s popular privacy utility. NetShred X 3.0.1 for Macintosh shreds web browser cache, browser history files, email trash, IE download cache and Apple junk mail. It supports several web browsers and email applications, and runs automatically when you quit from your browser or email application.

Anyone can look through your web browser’s cache and history files and see what information you have accessed on the web. Do you really want to risk having your private information read by anyone with access to your computer? NetShred X provides an easy, permanent way of securely deleting browser cache, history files, email trash and more. Permanent because it shreds (not just deletes) these files so the contents cannot be recovered. Easy because it runs automatically when you quit from your browser or email application. Key features include:

- the option to shred (not just delete) browser cache, history, email trash, IE download cache, Apple junk mail
- runs automatically when you quit from your browser/email
- supports several browser/email applications (IE, Omniweb, Opera, iCab, Eudora, Apple Mail)
- the "Confirm before shred" feature
- compliant with US Department of Defense electronic document shredding standards
- a configurable overwrite pattern and number of overwrites

NetShred - the internet privacy utility (TM)

Price: NetShred X for Mac OS X costs $19.95(US) and can be ordered from Mireth's web site at http://www.mireth.com. Upgrade pricing for NetShred OS 9 users and bulk discounts are also available.

Availability: You can download a copy (free demo included) from

NetShred for Macintosh OS 9 also available.

System Requirements: Macintosh PowerPC G3 or G4, Mac OS X 10.x

More information: go to http://www.mireth.com/pub/nxme.html

"Thanks so much- you guys are the best at support of any software maker I've ever dealt with!"


"No prizes for guessing this's my favorite VCD player. While QuickTime player is free, it uses twice the RAM of MacVCD, opens sluggishly on G3 machines (we're talking OS 9 here) and doesn't do half the VCD stuff MacVCD does. MacVCD is an elegant and mature product which will play MPEG-1 better than QuickTime Player on older machines (low-end G3s and 604es). "
"I appreciate all of the time you have spent in helping me...More companies should take lessons from you guys."


"You sell a great product and it was great doing business with you."


"Thank you very much for your fast reply and customer-friendly handling of my problem!"


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