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Feb 13, 2003
Burn and play MP3 CDs on your Mac - MacMP3CD 1.0 launched

Mireth Technology has launched MacMP3CD, Macintosh OS X software that allows you to burn and to play MP3 CDs. MP3 CDs are audio CDs that are burned using the MP3 file format, which allows you to put up to 10 hours of music on a single CD. MP3 CDs are playable on next generation music CD players, walkmans and car stereos, as well as on your Macintosh computer using MacMP3CD.

MacMP3CD’s burning capability supports features that make MP3 CD creation and re-creation easy. With the burn list feature, you can store the list of what MP3s you burned, so that you can easily re-create a CD, in case the first is lost. Easy navigation of all the folders on your hard drive (including across multiple users), allows you to find and choose from all the MP3s on your computer when building a burn list. MacMP3CD also supports folders, (a feature available on the latest MP3 CD players), which allow for easier navigation of an MP3 CD, since you can skip from folder to folder, in addition to from song to song. With the built-in CD-RW erase feature, you can easily erase and re-use CD-RWs.

MacMP3CD’s player capability features auto play, so MP3 CDs start playing when inserted, and auto eject. Full playback control provides looping, song skip, and song select.

Key features include:

- Free demo (includes MP3 CD Player)
- Burns MP3 CDs
- Supports Burn Lists to save MP3 CD content list, for easy re-creation
- Supports folders for easier organization and navigation
- Easily navigates all hard disk folders (including multiple users)
- Plays MP3 CDs
- Supports auto recognize, auto play, auto loop, auto eject
- Playback controls including volume, play/pause, restart, repeat, song select, CD eject
- Built-in CD-RW erase feature

MacMP3CD – the easy way to burn and play (TM).

Price: MacMP3CD for Mac OS X costs $19.95(US) and can be ordered from Mireth's web site at http://www.mireth.com. Volume Licensing also available.

Availability: You can download a copy (free demo included) from http://www.mireth.com/pub/download.html.

System Requirements: Macintosh PowerPC G3 or G4, Mac OS X 10.2.3+

More information: go to http://www.mireth.com/pub/mpme.html

"Thanks so much- you guys are the best at support of any software maker I've ever dealt with!"


"No prizes for guessing this's my favorite VCD player. While QuickTime player is free, it uses twice the RAM of MacVCD, opens sluggishly on G3 machines (we're talking OS 9 here) and doesn't do half the VCD stuff MacVCD does. MacVCD is an elegant and mature product which will play MPEG-1 better than QuickTime Player on older machines (low-end G3s and 604es). "
"You sell a great product and it was great doing business with you."


"MacVCD is outstanding. My VCDs have never looked better and, as promised, now play flawlessly in OS X. Thanks very much."


"Wow! You guys are great. I'll spread the word about your products. Keep up the good work!"

Dr. P Rock

"Thanks for a wonderful product and the top notch support."


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