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I am serious when I say thanks, it is very rare to get such an intelligent response.


Very impressive! Thank you so much for your speedy service.

Philip B.

Thanks for you guys handling this problem for me. Appreciate your refund and impress with your professionalism. Thanks again.

Paul C.

Thank you very much. I will recommend your company to others!

William D.

Thank you again. You have provided great service!

Harvey E.

Thank you for your offer to help me solve the problem. Your support is outstanding.


Your quick response has made quite an impression upon me – that is EXCELLENT support! I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.


Fantastic! Works great! Problem solved! I’ve never seen such great tech support. Thanks again.


“Thank you for your prompt response – rarely have I seen a software company respond as quickly with a solution that worked first time. Thanks for your help.

Tom G.Singapore

Thanks. What a great company!

Wee Leng K.

You people are amazing — you have the best customer support on the planet! But I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.

Anna P.

Thanks so much- you guys are the best at support of any software maker I’ve ever dealt with!


Thank you for the prompt and informative reply.  Your products are great, and now I know your support team is too.  Rare these days.

S McAfee

I am highly impressed with your customer service – …you replied to my query within fifteen minutes, and I had … Netshred up and running soon after.

I admit that I viewed the complimentary comments down the left hand side of the support page of your site with a bit of scepticism, but now I am another one of your admirers – an excellent product and a customer service to match.

Gordon L.

Thank you very much for your fast reply and customer-friendly handling of my problem!


Thank-you for your quick response. It is most appreciated. It has definitely been thus far an exceptional experience doing business with Mireth. Regards,

Joe C.

Thanks for your very reasonably priced product, your reasonable licensing policy, and for keeping the download files around a long time so that those of us who lose the original install, lose the CD we purchased (temporarily I hope), don’t get forced to buy the product again. Outstanding!

Joe C.

Mireth Technology is a Canadian company, located out in Richmond, BC. They have a long history of making excellent software for Macintosh, all the way back to Mac OS 7.

MaUse DoubleClick

Thank you so very much for your patience and time. Nice to have people like you around. I will try to get all the people I know with computers to get your software. Thank you again!


Thank you
I’m very impressed and grateful for your quick response, and thank you for enlightening me 🙂

George Osborne

Indeed that did the job. It works now. Thank you so very much for your support in this situation. I will always highly recommend your products and its excellent support team. Again well done..

Billy Jack

Again, thank you for your very quick and excellent response. Best regards to you and your company.

Gene S.

Your company’s capability to communicate at this level and at this speed is damn near unique in the software industry. I’ve recommended you products, referred your website to number of people, personal and in business.


I appreciate all of the time you have spent in helping me…More companies should take lessons from you guys.


Thank you very much. I am very impressed with your support. The best of any software provider I have ever purchased from.

Carl Durling

Man you guys are the best! Great service. Thanx again.

Vikram H.

Thank you for your help. You helped me out a lot. I’m such a idiot. That is so easy and sweet, you rock!” Peace,

Roxanne H.

Hi there,

[NetShred X]  is Excellent. All working as it should. Many thanks for your help and diligence.

Best wishes, Alex.


Your always prompt, correct answers put to shame any  service location I have ever written or called. Thanks very much.

Ed S.

I am a United States Marine …. We are pretty bored over here and have gotten our hands on a few VCD’s. I need a registration key to run the program. I was wondering if your company would be willing to donate a free registration key to our cause. I don’t have access to the phones or internet to buy your product or else I would.” …..

[Next email]

“Thank you for your generosity in giving me a free copy of your software. All the Marines here thank you also.


Wow! You guys are great. I’ll spread the word about your products. Keep up the good work!

Dr. P Rock

Thanks for the super response back. It is truly great to have software developers take such a personal interest in their customers comments – wish there were more like your organization out there.


Your customer support is outstanding. I purchased the wrong version of MacVCD and after just two emails within 24 hours to your customer support, my problem was resolved and the software is now working fine for me. Thank you very much indeed.


Your support is excellent, by-the-way. It’s like always knowing there is a knowledgeable friend you can turn to. Thanks again,

Philip B.

That was it! Thank you so much for your help.

You guys are amazing. When one contacts a support department one fantasizes that they are working furiously to diagnose and resolve one’s problem. Most of the time it seems not to be the case. This time, with you, it really felt like my challenge was yours.

Thank you also for your prompt help. I really appreciate it.

G. A. Higuera

My Goodness!!!! You’ve got ABSOLUTELY THE BEST support responce time I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!! You guys rock!!!.

James W.

This worked perfectly. Thanks! You guys provide great support. Regards,

Oliver Bock

Thank you very much for your prompt replies and comprehensive explanations. I must say that as well as offering a damned good product, your customer service and technical help leaves a lot of organisations in the shade.

Michael D.

Michael D.

Thank you so much for your excellent service and fast response.

Carlos G.