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For a prompt and helpful response to your questions about our software, about buying or registering our software, or if you need technical support, contact us at The problem can be resolved faster if you include as much of following information as you know:

  • Detailed Problem description
  • If you are having problems with a particular product, please include the following information as well:
    • What product you are having problems with
    • What version of the program you are using
      On Mac, single click the program icon and Get Info
      (macOS- File:Show Info)

      (OS 8|9- File:Get Info)
      Windows: single click the program icon and show properties
      (File:Properties:Version tab)
    • What OS version you are running
      On Mac, select the following
      (macOS – Apple Menu:About this Mac)
      (OS 8|9- Apple Menu:About this Computer)
      On Windows, select the following
      (Start Menu:My Computer:Help:About Windows)
    • Whether you are using the free demo version or the registered version of the product

Even without this information, we will work with you until the problem is resolved. Ask anyone whose ever dealt with us.


We value your comments, suggestions and feature requests. Contact us at Feedback goes directly to the president.
Volume Discounts, Educational pricing
For more information about volume discounts or educational discounts, read our Purchase FAQ  or contact
Please visit the Press Room
Write us at:

Mireth Technology
Customer Service Center
PO Box # 96010
11388 Steveston Hwy
Richmond BC V7A 1N0

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