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  • How good is it at doing what you wanted it to do?
    (“It did what I wanted”, “It really is easy to use”, “The instructions told me exactly how to do it”.)
  • How easy is it to use?
    (“it runs effortlessly”, “the instructions are easy to understand”, “you just set it and forget it”.)
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Here’s an example

“I am pleased with ShredIt, the app I bought from you.

I bought it because I read the reviews on your site and I figured that if people had been saying good things about it for 20 years, it had to be good. I found it really easy to use. I just drag my files to the ShredIt icon and then I don’t think about them any more. When it’s time to replace this Mac, I’ll use it to erase the hard drive, just because I’m the cautious sort.

What I really like about ShredIt is that even I can figure out how to use it. And I bought a copy for my PC as well and it’s just as easy to use.

I would recommend ShredIt to anyone who wants to erase data from their computer so it can’t be recovered.”

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