NetShred X – Mac Internet Eraser and Cleaner

Easy to Use Internet Eraser and Cleaner for Mac

Clear Cache, History and automatically with NetShred X, the easy-to-use internet cleaner for Mac that clears browsing data your browser apps leave behind.

Best of all, its effortless. No hunting for the correct setting to clear a file. No clearing the cache, history, etc one by one by one. You don’t even have to remember to run it. Just quit from you Browser and NetShred X clears your cache, history and other browsing data, automatically.


Easy to Use – Runs Automatically

Just quit from your Web Browser and NetShred X runs itself Automatically so you don’t have to remember to clear your cache. Because NO Privacy App will work if you don’t remember use it.

But if you want to run it right now, or before you restart or logout, NetShred does that too!

Easy to Use – No Hunting

Set the NetShred X Settings to clear the files want (cache, history, etc) and NetShred will take care of them every time your run it. No more hunting through your browser settings looking for how to clear files.

Easy to Set Up

Update your settings once and forget about it. And it’s easy to do with a straight-forward settings panel and with both online Tutorials and a User’s Manual and email support if you need some help.


Because you don’t have to wait for it to do its job before you can continue browsing. Just quit from your Web Browser to start NetShred X and then open your Web Browser again. NetShred will run in the background while you continue browsing.


Because it will clear all your browser files – everything you don’t want:

  • browser cache files
  • browser history
  • download cache
  • favicons
  • top sites
  • java cache
  • flash cache
  • html5 cache


Works for All Browsers






Proven Track Record

NetShred has been removing internet cache, history and more for over 20 years.