Are file names still recoverable

QuestionsCategory: NetShred X for Mac OS XAre file names still recoverable
Donna Johnson Staff asked 9 years ago
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Donna Johnson Staff answered 6 years ago

If you are using a File Recovery App, and you erase files using ShredIt or NetShred, you will be able to recover the names of the files you have shredded, but not the contents. For an explanation of why, read on.
A File Recovery App will recover files that have been erased. It does this by keeping a separate directory of the files on your hard drive and keeping the current location of the last contents of the file. So, if you accidentally deleted your doctoral thesis, you could recover the file using a File Recovery App. But, if you had made changes to your thesis first, saved it and then deleted it, your File Recovery Utility could recover the file, but not recover it the way it once was, before you changed it.
Both NetShred and ShredIt work by overwriting the contents of each file with random data before deleting the file. So, even if you use a File Recovery App, it can’t recover data in the file the way it once was before NetShred or ShredIt overwrote the file with random data. It can, however, recover the file name since your File Recovery App stores this in it’s own directory file.
If you’re not using a File Recovery App, then No, file name are not recoverable