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 [Shredit X] Does what it claims to do!

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The advantage to using Shredit becomes obvious as the value of files on your Mac increases. Shredit will permanently delete files and folders from the Mac, an external disk drive, a USB flash drive, CD-RW discs, and even floppy disks. read more

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Shredit – Tucows Head of the Herd” December 1999

Head of the Herd

You need this utility if your computer files may contain highly confidential client files (legal, criminal justice, medical, personnel), confidential business files (trade secrets, marketing strategies, financial information), or enough of your personal and financial information to enable someone to use it to steal your identity. [Read More]

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Particularly paranoid Mac users will find several third-party secure removal utilities available, too. Mireth Technology Corporation’s ShredIt X and MacKeeper are examples of software applications designed to securely remove sensitive files and information from a Mac.  Article: Securely erase files in Mac OS X: Erik Eckel covers the options for those who need to securely erase files from a Mac that contain sensitive or confidential information.



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As you may know, when you delete a file, you are not deleting it for good. There are computer applications that can recover files even after you have deleted them and emptied the Trash bin. That is why, if you want to get rid of a file, you have to “shred” it. Shredding deletes a file and it re-writes the space where it was with junk data, so that not a trace of your file can be recovered. ShredIt X allows you to do this easily.[Read More]


As most folks know, emptying the trash simply removes a directory address; nothing is really erased. This can be a good thing: remember the last time you hit delete by accident? Still, any user with access to your machine can easily recover your deleted files without your consent. Or, you may want to be sure your personal information is erased before transferring ownership of a computer or drive. ShredIt, by Mireth Technology, ensures that things actually deleted. Article: “Mac shareware Essentials” [Read More]

Sandy Foderick

If you’ve got a Mac, you can … download a third-party application like Mireth Technology’s ShredIt X … ($25, free trial), which lets you shred single files as well as wipe your local hard drive, network hard drives and CD-RWs. [Read More]

Preston GrallaComputerworld

Macsimum rating: [7/10] … ShredIt can shred data on the hard drive, an external hard drive, a floppy disk, a Zip disk, windows formatted media, a RAM disk and just about any disk you can attach to your Mac (except read-only disks and CD ROMs). You can shred items already tossed in the trash. ShredIt X offers optional electronic document shredding standards compliance (US DoD, NSA, Gutmann), a configurable overwrite pattern and number of overwrites one good trick is all you need. [Read More]

Dennis SellersMacsimum Perspective

The application can be installed on pretty much any version of the Microsoft-developed Windows operating system. If you’re currently not using Windows, here’s some good news: there’s also a Mac OS X version of ShredIt…..If you need to shred confidential data, ShredIt for Windows is the tool for the job. If you need to wipe clean a hard drive before selling it, ShredIt for Windows is the tool for the job. Whenever you need to permanently get rid of something, ShredIt for Windows is the tool for the job.  [Read More]


When you delete a file from your computer, only the file reference is deleted. The data is still retrievable…Drag a file to ShredIt and watch it disappear forever. Article: “Kim Komando’s Shareware Pick

Kim KomandoThe Kim Komando Show

Recently, two MIT students found during their two-year study that over half of the hard drives collected had recoverable data. Even more eye-opening: A good number of those drives contained personal information, such as credit card numbers, medical records, and personal letters…. Read More

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You need to get a disk-wiping program, preferably one that meets the U.S. Department of Defense’s Media Sanitation Guidelines, and you need to set aside a few hours. What a good disk-wiping program will do is write all sorts of data on your hard disk multiple times, effectively obscuring your original data with newer, nonpersonal stuff. This takes some time, so don’t procrastinate and leave it to the morning of your planned recycling run. Mac users looking for disk-wiping programs can use Mireth Technology’s ShredIt X ($25). Article: Recycle your old tech gear

Lisa SchmeiserMacWorld

If your hard drive is full, or if you wish to sell it, you need to erase all the information on it. After all, you don’t want everyone to gain access to all your files. A simple delete is nowhere near sufficient for removing the information from a drive, as the data is easily restored with specialized apps…Take a look at some disk eraser programs: ShredIt – File Shredder

ShredIt ($30 or less at can erase files and drives and comes in versions for most Windows and Macintosh systems…. [Article: “Q. What’s the best way to make sure all information is completely erased from my hard drive before I donate my computer to charity?
Read More]

"What's the best way to make sure all information is completely erased from my hard drive before I donate my computer to charity?", J.D. BiersdorferNew York Times

If you receive any document on your computer that is for your eyes only and should be destroyed after reading, just drag the file on to the ShredIt icon and ShredIt File Shredder will wipe the file data so it can’t be recovered. [Read More]

from MaUse

What can you do to keep your data safe? Get a disk-wiping program, preferably one that meets the U.S. Department of Defense’s Media Sanitation Guidelines. … download a third-party application like Mireth Technology’s ShredIt X ($25, free trial available), which lets you shred files (in other words, overwrite the contents of a file multiple times) as well as wipe your local hard drive, network hard drives and CD-RWs. (There’s a Windows version as well.) Article: “How to Clear Your Data off a Device”


Conclusion: avant de vendre ou de donner votre ordinateur, vous devriez effacer soigneusement l’information qui s’y trouve. Voici comment proceder…Quelques logiciels… pour effacer des disques durs internes: Mac et Windows ShredIt  [Read More]


Thanks for your help—Shred It X works perfectly.
Thanks for a great product!

G Edmonson

Yeah!!! Beautiful! (ShredIt X)

You guys actually listen and then act. I haven’t seen that in ages. …PS: The reason I pay so much attention to clarity is that I write math textbooks.

L Jagerman

[ShredIt X] That did the trick. Thank you for a quick response and thank you for a valuable app.

Ed A, Licensed Private Investigator

Thanks again for all your help.  I really love using Shredit X.

Jeri Balcom

Mireth ShredIt X is for users who may need to securely wipe an entire drive but who may also need to dispose of confidential data on an ongoing basis. These users appreciate how easy ShredIt X is to use.  [Read More]

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I purchased a copy of ShredIt X, and I have really enjoyed it.  As with any power tool, you have to be careful with it, but as far as I can tell it does what it is supposed to do.

If you are the type of person who shreds paper documents to protect your credit card numbers and bank statements, but leaves this stuff readily available on your computer, then you need to go the extra step to secure your information. For Mac users, ShredIt X provides that extra step.

from MaUse

I just wanted you to know that I purchased this software a month ago and I am very happy with it. After having been through several different types of software to deal with the issue, I find Shredit X to be very efficient, fast, thorough and easy to use. The best I’ve seen yet. My thinking is that people will sure let you know when something goes wrong so they ought to do the same when the opposite is true …  but I quite frankly think you underpriced this software for all of it’s good qualities.

DH Lundquist

Download a third-party software such ShredIt X of Mireth Technologies down (converted 20 euros for download full version or as a free demo). The “shreds” your files instead of overwriting them multiple times and also deletes your local hard disks, network hard disks and CD-RWs. ShredIt X there are also true for Windows . read more

Delete data from PC hard disks

One basic privacy measure, however, is easily overlooked: proper data destruction….ShredIt, is available in versions for both Windows and Macintosh computers from Mireth Technology ($19.95 for downloaded versions at The program’s overwrite methods include user-defined options with up to 35 passes. Another useful feature, in the Macintosh version, is the option to overwrite rewritable CD’s. [Read More]

"Deleted but Not Gone", Tom FitzgeraldNew York Times

ShredIt, a cross-platform shredder and hard drive cleaner, is such a trustworthy choice….[Read More]

"How to Shred Files Properly", Dana WollmanLaptop Magazine

ShredIt is a great utility. Works as advertised – how often do you see that!


If the computer you’re going to eighty-six still works, donate it. Wipe the hard drive clean (ShredIt can do that for you; $20; Article: “How to Recycle Anything?” [Read More]

Amanda MacMillanPrevention Magazine

You can buy ShredIt from Mireth Technology ( for Macintosh OS 8/9 as well as OS X. With these tools you can dispose of your PC and keep your secrets. Remember, you have the right to remain silent. And so does your discarded hard drive. [Read More]

Larry MagidThe Mercury News

The Windows Recycle Bin is not the end for your deleted files. In fact, deleted files linger even after you’ve emptied the Recycle Bin. That information could be recovered and read if your computer is stolen…. Fortunately, there are tools to help ensure that deleted files are truly gone. They’re commonly called shredders… A few that I’ve found are ShredIt ($20)…”  Article: “Kim Komando’s Tip of the Day: How to delete files for good

Kim KomandoThe Kim Komando Show

[ShredIt] It is so rare that a software company provides such an informative and direct response as yours. I truly appreciate your quick and factual response. Cudos! … I now feel quite confident, after reading your reply, that my $19.95 investment was well spent! … Thank you for your support and information. More appropriately, “thank you” on behalf of the school, for they will get my three computers…I will sleep better!!!


También puede descargar una aplicación de terceros, como ShredIt X de Mireth Tecnology (25 dólares, prueba gratuita disponible), que le permite triturar archivos (es decir, sobrescribir el contenido de un archivo en múltiples ocasiones), así como limpiar su disco duro local, Los discos duros de red y CD-RW. (También hay una versión para Windows).Review: Cómo borrar los datos de un dispositivo,

from Peru CIOCIOPeru

 “To fully delete files, you need a program that wipes them from your device by putting random data in place of your info that cannot be retrieved. Eraser, Disk Wipe, and ShredIt ( are some that provide free trial with data file wiping programs.” [], "Digital Spring Cleaning Tips"

I recently purchased the ShredIt utility and it works wonderfully.


[Shredit] It works! I’m back in business. Great application, great support! Thanks!


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