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MacVCD -
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MacVCD for Mac OS X

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All About Video
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All about AVI
All about SVCD
All about VCD
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MacVCD - VCD / Video Player

Whether you want to watch a video, a VCD, an AVI*, an MPEG, a Quicktime movie, or something else, MacVCD is the video player for you. Because whatever digital video you want to play, MacVCD makes it easy to play on your Mac.

Learn more about the software that offers all the features you want in an easy to use video player that features full screen playback, auto play, easy controls, automatic VCD file chaining and Karaoke VCD support and basic editing. And there's a version for Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

MacVCD X VCD Video Player
MacVCD X For Mac OS X

MacVCD X will play everything: VCD, AVI*, DivX*, MPEG, WMV, SVCD*, mov and more. You can watch your movies in full screen, or in a window floating above your application, so you can do two things at once. You can even watch it on your TV.

This is the easy way to play VCD or SVCD* movies in just one step because MacVCD auto starts, auto ejects, and auto finds the movie files for you - all you have to do is watch the movie!

Plus get the extra features you want from your video player - multi-language support, Karaoke VCD support, basic editing and full-featured controls.

About MacVCD X
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* SVCD, XSVCD, AVI, DivX, XViD, WMV Playback may require additional third party components. For more information, see the System Requirements
"You also can play Video CDs on your Mac by using Mireth Technology's ... MacVCD utility, available at http://www.mireth.com.."
Jim Heid, L.A. Times

"No prizes for guessing this's my favorite VCD player. While QuickTime player is free, it uses twice the RAM of MacVCD, opens sluggishly on G3 machines (we're talking OS 9 here) and doesn't do half the VCD stuff MacVCD does. MacVCD is an elegant and mature product which will play MPEG-1 better than QuickTime Player on older machines (low-end G3s and 604es). "

"For me it's great! It's what I was looking for. I tried the demo, I liked it, I paid the $20. Now I can see my VCDs full screen under X. "


"Damit auch Macintosh-User unter Mac OS X in den vollen Genuss einer Video-CD kommen, wurde das Programm macvcdx von Mireth Technology entwickelt und veröffentlicht.


"You sell a great product and it was great doing business with you."


"MacVCD is outstanding. My VCDs have never looked better and, as promised, now play flawlessly in OS X. Thanks very much."


"The new version works fine and it is the best VCD playback experience I’ve had on the mac so far. Love you for the service and the program.

Thanks so much"

Johanan S.

"Thanks a billion - your software is fantastic!!! "

Tony C.

"Thanks for a wonderful product and the top notch support."


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