mirethMusic macOS FAQ

General Questions

What are the System Requirements for running mirethMusic?

  • macOS 10.7 or later

Why do I need mirethMusic if I have iTunes? Don’t they do the same thing?

No. mirethMusic and iTunes are not the same.

Here is a list of the key differences:

  • mirethMusic supports OGG (Ogg Vorbis) ripping and playback
  • mirethMusic supports FLAC playback
  • mirethMusic supports Unencrypted-WMA playback
  • mirethMusic burns DVD-Audio
  • mirethMusic can rip a CD to multiple formats at the same time
  • mirethMusic can convert MP4 video (like a YouTube download) to an audio file
  • mirethMusic adds your folders to your music library
  • mirethMusic can insert ID3v1 tags as it burns an MP3 CD for improved car MP3 player support (some car MP3 players do not support ID3v2 Tags)
  • mirethMusic converts from Stereo to Mono, so you can listen to music with one ear free, without modifying the original file on your computer
  • mirethMusic supports flash based music players (like Jumpdisk MP3, etc)
  • mirethMusic converts to AM, FM, or CD quality, so you can fit more music on a flash flash, without modifying the original file on your computer

Of course iTunes and mirethMusic have some things in common

  • Both play rip and play MP3s
  • Both burn MP3 CDs

Is there a mirethMusic tutorial?

Not at this time.  But we are working on one.  For now there is an extensive users manual in .pdf form that contains tutorial information.

Is there a free trial?

Yes. Prior to purchase, mirethMusic offers a 15 day free trial

Registration and Installation

How do I install / uninstall mirethMusic?

For complete instructions on how to install or uninstall,

When mirethMusic runs, it displays the “Register” dialog. What do I do?

You are running mirethMusic without entering valid Registration Information/Serial Number.

  • If you have already entered your Registration Information/Serial Number and are getting this message, there is an error in the Registration Information you have entered. For further information, refer to the following question.
  • If you want to register the app, enter the Registration Information/Serial Number and click the “Register” Button. If you purchased online, the Registration Information is in the email we sent you. If you purchased a CD, the Registration Information is printed on the CD packaging. For further information about registering, refer to the Read Me that came with the app.
  • If you want to quit, click the “Quit” Button
  • If you are trying to run the demo, click the “Run Demo” Button. Registration Information is not required. For further information about running in demo mode, refer to the Read Me file.
  • If you want to purchase this app, and have not already, click “Buy Now”.

When I try to register mirethMusic, it displays the “Invalid Registration Information” dialog. What’s wrong?

There is an error in the registration information you entered. Please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that you entered the correct License Type. If you purchased online, check that the License Type you entered matches the one in the email you received from us.
  2. Verify that you entered the correct Purchase’s ID/Email Address. If you purchased online, enter the Email address used when the software was purchased. If you purchased a CD, use the Purchaser’s ID that came with the CD
  3. Verify that you entered the Serial Number correctly. Check for the following common problems:- typing the letter O or I instead of the number 0 or 1
    – transposing 2 digits
    – adding extra spaces before or after the Purchaser’s ID or Serial Number
    – entering the registration information more than once (click in the field and scroll with the arrow keys to see this)
    – entering the registration information for the wrong software.
  4. If that didn’t solve the problem, delete your preferences file and configure mirethMusic again. The preferences file’s location is: “$HOME/Library/Preferences/com.mireth.mirethmusic.plist”
  5. If that didn’t solve the problem, send a copy of your preferences file to Tech Support so we can determine the nature of the problem. The preferences file’s location is: “$HOME/Library/Preferences/com.mireth.mirethmusic.plist”

I can’t find a place to put the Registration Information. What’s wrong?

The Registration Dialog Box will be displayed when you start the app, only if it is not registered. If the Dialog Box is not displayed, your copy is already registered. This may happen if:

  • You are already a registered user and you have downloaded a free upgrade. Your old registration information is retained. You don’t need to re-register.
  • You used the “Buy Now” button when you purchased the app. The “Buy Now” button not only allows you to buy the app, it registers the app for you as well. Keep the Registration Information email, in case you ever have to re-install.

How do I know if I’ve successfully registered the app?

To verify whether the app is already registered, choose “Register” from the “Help” menu. If the app is not registered, the “Register” dialog will appear. If the app is registered, the “Already Registered” message will be displayed.

mirethMusic  Operation

What will mirethMusic play?

This information is available in the Read Me pdf file that comes with mirethMusic.

With mirethMusic, you can play tracks from any of these places:

  • Play from your Music Library on your Mac
  • Play from any Play Lists or Play List Groups you have created
  • Play from any Optical Media (CDs or DVDs) that you have inserted into your computer
  • Play from any Flash Media such as USB thumb drives or compact flash memory that you have connected to your computer

For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Read Me pdf file that comes with mirethMusic.

What file formats will mirethMusic rip CD to ?

mirethMusic will rip Audio CD to OGG, AAC, M4A, M4B MP2, MP3, WAV or WMA. For step-by-step instructions,

* To rip to MP3 or convert to MP3, the LAME MP3 encoder must be installed separately.

What will mirethMusic convert?

mirethmusic convert table

For step-by-step instructions,

* To rip to MP3 or convert to MP3, the LAME MP3 encoder must be installed separately.

What will mirethMusic burn?

mirethMusic burns the following media types:

  • Audio CD or Gapless Audio CD (burn on CD-R, CD-RW)
  • MP3 CD (MP3, burn on CD-R, CD-RW)
  • MP3 DVD (MP3, burn on DVD-R, DVD-RW)
  • Music CD (Other Music Format CD-R, CD-RW)
  • Music DVD (Other Music Formats,burn on DVD-R, DVD-RW)
  • DVD-Audio (DVD-Audio format, burn on DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW)

For step-by-step instructions,

Can I use mirethMusic to write music to my flash based MP3 player?

Yes. The mirethMusic Flash tab allows you to quickly copy your tracks to Flash memory based MP3 players. mirethMusic cannot be used to write to an iPod.

For step-by-step instructions,

Can I use mirethMusic to make a clip?

Yes, mirethMusic will make a clip.

For step-by-step instructions,

* To make an MP3 clip, the LAME MP3 encoder must be installed separately.

How do I edit ID3 tags?

For step-by-step instructions,

How do I make a M3U playlist?

To make an M3U playlist, do the following:

  • On the organize tab, select a playlist
  • Click the “Export M3U” button


Why does mirethMusic quit right after launch?

mirethMusic requires at least MacOS X 10.7. If you are not running MacOS X 10.7 the application will not launch. You need to upgrade to MacOS X 10.7 or later

Your FAQ doesn’t answer my question / I need further help. What do I do?

Try our Help Section.

If your question is not answered, please contact Product Support at support@mireth.com. Please include the following information:

  • Problem description
  • If the problem is specific to one of our products, please also include:
    • Software Name and Product Version
      To find the version number,
      Mac: single click the product icon and Get Info (File:Get Info)
      Windows: single click the product icon and show properties (File:Properties:Version tab)
    • What Operating System and version you are running.
      To find the version number,
      Windows: (Start Menu:My Computer:Help:About Windows)
      OS X and macOS: (Apple Menu:About this Mac)
      Mac: OS 8, Mas OS 9: (Apple Menu:About this Computer)
    • Whether you are using the trial version or the registered version of the product


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