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Formerly Music Man

Music Man (mirethMusic) combines the best bits of both these programs in a clever piece of software for the Mac. The ripper converts to all the major formats and can even rip to MP3 and M4A in one smooth operation. It can also convert non DRM protected music tracks into alternative formats – handy for making MP3 CDs from your AAC iTunes library. [Read More]

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Installing Music Man (mirethMusic)  is as easy as downloading the file from the website…you get a complete music management system that you can use to take control of all of your music files. Music Man uses a very clean task-based interface. Each of the seven available tasks is represented by a tab across the top of the Music Man window. Depending what task you want to do you click the corresponding tab. [Read More]

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Mac Informer Editor's pick award

Music Man (mirethMusic) is a program for Mac that allows you to play your favorite songs, convert them to other audio formats, rip and burn CDs. This application also provides you with a simple way to organize your music collection and edit the ID3 tag information of your tunes…Music Man (mirethMusic) is a helpful app that lets you enjoy your music and convert tunes to various formats. The program offers an intuitive interface, provides you with high-quality output, and supports a wide range of audio formats. read more

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Another unique feature is the mono mixdown feature. There are many situations in which using ear phones in both ears is inconvenient or unsafe, such as when grocery shopping, when walking at night, or when minding children. In these situations, listening with only one earphone in would be preferable, but can hinder the listening experience because stereo sound depends on both the right and left track being heard together. Unlike stereo, Mono mixdown burns all the music to both the right and left track, so one ear listening still hears both tracks. [Read More]

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 Music Man (mirethMusic) seems to be the Swiss Army Knife for Mac sound…. It does have some of the best help and tutorial files on conversion I’ve seen to date….This program does a tremendous amount of work for not a lot of money. It is easy to use and the instructions that come with the package are very easy to understand.  [Read More]

Rick Curran and Ilene HoffmanMacNN

Thanks. It worked great. I will be buying my copy of mirethMusic today. I am very impressed with your company’s product and customer support.

M. McCormick

[mirethMusic]  ALL IS PERFECT!!!


Thank you … I appreciate your quick reply. As well as the registration code. I am an avid user of MusicMan (mirethMusic) and when I couldn’t anymore I freaked out. … Thanks Again, and have a blessed day.

Chris H

[Music Man] Reasonably priced. Easy to use. Works for many sound formats. Excellent documentation.[Read More]

Rick Curran and Ilene HoffmanMacNN

[mirethMusic] I have searched far & wide to find a program that would allow my Mac to convert mp3 to wma. For what ever reason unbeknownst me no one has had the forethought that a Mac user might have to convert a mp3 file to wma. This should be a very simple process. I have previously looked at approximately 15 programs trying to find this feature. I found your software on a Forum. … I will definitely be purchasing. Thanks again. You’ve been a life saver.

Doug M.

[mirethMusic] Thanks for the trial. FYI – the program works fine converting m4a audio to mp3 audio … Mac running OS X 10.2.8.

James B.

[Music Man] Thanks a LOT for your help and good service ! In the meantime I wrote you I’ve received my registration information, so it’s all right…Your software is very good and as I know until now, the only one (on MAC OSX) which is simple, powerfull, best audio quality and versatile conversion formats, able to be compared with the top-best in Windows OS, like Audiograbber, WinDac or EAC.

Michel M.

Music Man [mirethMusic] is very user friendly.

Eddy Lim

I wanted to be able to transform audio cds to mp3 files automatically, and I wanted to have control over the quality of the my mp3 via the bitrate. Music man (mirethMusic) did this very well, and very easily.


Music Man (mirethMusic) worked like a dream converting wav to mp3!

Rick H.

Just purchased your Music Man [mirethMusic] for Mac X, great software.


Bill B.

I just started using Music Man (mirethMusic) this morning on OSX 10.2.8….what an application! … it makes converting audio files into different formats totally painless. … As a Windows XP Professional user and a Mac OSX user I can honestly say that that this one of best audio utilities my studio has on either platform.

M. Penner


Brendan Cook

[mirethMusic] Thank you for all your support this applications rocks! big Hug.

Juan Velez

[mirethMusic] Hello I have just got this to convert my I tunes Music to MP3 to I can plug it into my Car Stereo system. Fantastic … I had my library converting (10 meg of music) in under 30 min. It took a while for them to convert but I just left it to it. Thanks for a good and easy to use product.

Aidan H.

[mirethMusic] Great



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