Wow! I was floored!

Hi, I bought iVCD for Mac OS X tonight. Two words. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. O.K. six. I cannot tell you how long nor how many programs ago my quest began. I really did not have much hope, but I figured I might as well give you a “demo” try. Wow! I was floored! No problems, it was so easy and quite self-explanatory. I have tried so many that ask for so many things that I do not understand, although I have come to be quite well-versed on the temperamental Mac and its preferences. I wish I could explain what it means to be able to have my niece and nephew on a DVD in a slideshow that we did last weekend in “Photo Booth” with special effects on Mac. …Thanks for my sister’s special gift. You know you only get something like that once with kids. DVD it is!!!

Maria V.

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