About Us


Located in Vancouver, Canada, The Mireth Technology Corporation (www.mireth.com) is a privately held software development company, incorporated in June 2001. Prior to incorporation, Mireth Technology operated as The ARC Company and shipped its first Macintosh utility, ShredIt, in 1991.

Today, Mireth Technology produces quality software including the following titles:

  • NetShred X
  • ShredIt X
  • ShredIt for Windows
  • mirethMusic
  • iVCD™
  • MacVCD X

Mireth continues to support its legacy software for older computers:

  • ShredIt for Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9
  • ShredIt for Mac OS 7
  • iVCD and MacVCD X for OS X

To ensure that each product meets the expectations of the customer, the software must meet exacting standards of quality at each step throughout the development lifecycle. Each product has been carefully designed to be easy to use, while providing a comprehensive set of features. The software also features a free demo version available for download to enable customers to see how the product works before purchasing it.

Mireth has received strong support from consumers, its primary customer base, who appreciate our unique combination of quality products and outstanding customer support. There has also been significant growth in the business customer base as an increasing number of businesses recognize the value and quality of Mireth software. Customers span the globe, with our primary markets being North America, Europe and Asia. Business customers come from diverse industries, such as the print media, graphics and software development, from a variety of professions, such as medicine, legal and management consulting, and from numerous government institutions, financial institutions and universities.

At Mireth we take pride in building software. We believe that each of the products that we create is truly The Right Software for the Job™.

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