iVCD Screen Shots

ivcd mpeg converter dvd burner screen shot
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iVCD has an easy-to-use user interface

  • the Movie List, used to display the movies and playlists being used in your project
  • the Menu tabs, for making VCDs with menus (playback control)
  • the Green/Amber/Red capacity indicator bar, to help prevent overburning
  • the Movie Window, to view movies and preview .mpeg
  • the Project Settings tabs, for changing the project settings (Settings and Expert Settings)
  • the Buttons

To Make a DVD:

  • Drag the movies into the Movie List
  • Convert to mpeg or Convert and Burn to DVD and more in just ONE step

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ivcd expert settings
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Configure the iVCD Project Settings

  • Settings Tab
    • choose output type: DVD, Video CD (VCD) or Super VCD (SVCD)
    • choose the Broadcast Standard
    • video rescue features
  • Expert Settings Tab
    • set the bit rate, frame size, mpeg profile, interface, autorun

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