NetShred X | Mac: How to Erase Internet Tracks

Erasing Internet Tracks – Browsing Data

  • When you go to a site on the internet, your browser stores a copy of pages you visit, called cache files.
  • Download cache is created by your browser when you download files from the internet. You can use NetShred X to clean this information so it can’t be recovered.
  • When you go to a site on the internet, your browser stores the History of URL of pages you visit.
  • A Top Sites page  gives you an at-a-glance thumbnail view of your favorite websites. If you’ve customizing this view by pinning a favorite site to a specific location on the page, you’ll want to retain your Top Sites when using NetShred X. Otherwise, you may want to erase your Top sites.
  • Favicons are the thumbnails beside the URLs stored in your browser history.

When you clear or delete any of this browsing data, the information can still be recovered. You can use NetShred X to erase browsing data on your Mac so it can’t be recovered. (To erase browsing data you’ve previously deleted, you need to erase your free space.)


  • NetShred X

Instructions: How to Clean Cache, Download Cache, History, Top Sites, Favicons

  1. From the “NetShred X” preferences dialog, click the “Shred” tab and check the appropriate check box for the data your want erased
    • To erase Browser Cache, tick the “Web Browser – Cache” checkbox
    • To erase Download Cache, tick the “Web Browser – Download” checkbox
    • To erase History, tick the “Web Browser – History” checkbox
    • To erase Top Sites, tick the “Web Browser – Top Sites” checkbox
    • To erase Favicons, tick the “Web Browser – Favicons” checkbox

    NetShred X Preferences select browsing data to clear
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  2. In NetShred X Preferences Enable Tab, tick the Web Browser you want to erase browser data for. (You don’t need to untick browsers you don’t use.)
    NetShred X Preferences Pick which browsers to erase

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  1. The next time NetShred X is run, it will clean your browser cache. By default, NetShred X is set up to run when you quit from your browser. To learn more about run options, click here.

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