ShredIt for Windows: How to Install


  • ShredIt for Windows


  1. De-compress it. ShredIt for Windows is distributed as a zipped .msi (Microsoft Installer) file format. Double-click the .zip to de-compress it.
  2. Install it. Then double-click the .msi to install it.(this is a Microsoft Installer Package)
    ShredIt for Windows msi pkg  or siwe-installer– If the installer does not launch or the installer indicates you need to upgrade, go to the appropriate Microsoft web page to download and install the current version of the Microsoft Installer for your version of Windows. For further information, refer to the ShredIt for Windows Read Me (pdf)
  3. Start ShredIt for Windows. The Registration Dialog Box will be displayed on the bottom of the Main Dialog Box. If you get a Side by Side error, install the VC++ Libraries for Visual Studio 2005 from the installer folder.

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  4. Enter the Purchasers ID and Serial Number supplied when you paid for ShredIt.
    • The easiest way to do this is to copy (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) the information from the email we sent you. If you did not receive a Purchasers ID, use your email address.
    • If there is a problem with the registration information, the “Invalid Registration Information” dialog will appear. To correct the problem, refer to the “ShredIt for Windows FAQ”.
  5. Put ShredIt in a convenient place by putting a shortcut on the desktop, by the Recycle Bin. To put an alias to ShredIt on the desktop, follow these steps:
    • Select the ShredIt application.On the “C” Drive, navigate to the program file you want to make a shortcut for by doing the following:
      From Start-> Click on “My Computer”
      -> Click on “C” Drive
      -> Click on “Program Files”
      -> Click on “ShredIt” Folder
      -> Select the ShredIt Icon by single-clicking the ShredIt Icon.(Ensure that you select the ShredIt application, not the entire folder.  (The application is called “ShredIt, ShredIt for Windows” and has a shredder icon.  The folder is called “ShredItPC”, has a folder icon and contains the application, the demo application and the documentation.)
    • From the File menu, select Create Shortcut.
    • Drag the “Shortcut to ShredIt” to a convenient place. Most users put it on the desktop, above the Recycle Bin.