Tutorial: How to Convert to MP3 and more

You can use mirethMusic to convert between the following formats.

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Please note: mirethMusic


  • mirethMusic
  • To convert to MP3, you need to install the LAME component. See the System Requirements

How to convert music format to MP3 and more on Mac

  1. Click the Convert tab.

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  2. If required, use the Advanced Settings on the Convert Menu to configure the quality. Remember that the better the quality you choose, the larger the file will be on your hard drive. For further information, refer to the mirethMusic Read Me (pdf)
  3. Select the files you want to convert. For further information, refer to the mirethMusic Read Me (pdf)
  4. Click the Convert drop down menu and select the format you want to convert TO. (For example, to convert a file to Mp3, select “To MP3”.
    mirethmusic convert menu
  5. Select the folder where the converted files are to be stored and click the Save button. Conversion will now start.
    Note: This may take a long time, depending on the how many files you are converting.

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