ShredIt X | Mac: How to Install ShredIt X app

Instructions: How to install ShredIt X on Mac

To install ShredIt X on Mac, follow these easy steps:

  1. Move ShredIt X to your Apps Folder.

    If you haven’t already done so, download ShredIt X. (
    To unzip the zip file, double-click it.
    To open the dmg file, Double-click it.
    Then Drag the ShredIt X folder to your Applications Folder.

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  2. Open the App.

    To open ShredIt X, double-click the icon.

  3. Register.

    The Registration dialog will appear when you launch the program.
    Enter your Registration Information | Serial Number and Click “Register”.
    – The easiest way to do this is to copy (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) the information from the email we sent you.
    – If there is a problem with the registration information, the “Invalid Registration Information” dialog will appear. To correct the problem, refer to the “ShredIt X FAQ”.
    – If you don’t have Registration Information, Click “Buy Now”.

  4. Put ShredIt in a convenient place.

    If you’re going to use ShredIt X often, put it in a convenient place, either by putting an alias on the desktop or by putting ShredIt X in the dock.

    To put an alias to ShredIt X on the desktop, follow these steps:
    – Select the ShredIt application by single-clicking the ShredIt Icon.
    (Ensure that you select the ShredIt application, not the entire folder. The application is called “ShredIt X” and has a shredder icon. The folder is called “ShredIt X Folder”, has a folder icon and contains the application and the documentation folder.)
    – From the File menu, select Make Alias. Drag the “ShredIt X alias” to a convenient place on the desktop

    To put ShredIt X in the dock,
    – Drag the ShredIt X icon to the Dock.

Now you’re ready to Shred Files, Folders, Free Space and more. For further information, refer to the rest of these Tutorials.

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