Tutorial: How to burn a MP3 CD or DVD on Mac

You can use mirethMusic to burn MP3 to CD or DVD.

  • When recording with any of these digital music format to DVD, you can get approximately 50 hours of music on a DVD and 10 hours on a CD
  • A hybrid CD or DVD is one on which you have burned music files in more than one music format (e.g. both MP3 and WMA). If your player does not support both formats, it may simply skip over the songs in a format it doesn’t recognize.


  • mirethMusic
  • Music Files in MP3 format
  • CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R or DVD-RW


  1. From the mirethMusic screen, click the “Burn” tab.

click to enlarge

  1. Select the files you want to burn.
  2. From the Music Format popup, select “Burn MP3 CD/DVD” and click the burn button.
    buburn music cd dvd menu item


  • A CD is limited to around 80 minutes of music and 99 tracks.  It’s not 100% accurate because there is some overhead and the conversion from compressed music to uncompressed music results in an unknown space requirement. If you put too much music on a disk and burn it, the disk will be unusable.  If you limit your CDs to 60 minutes or less, you shouldn’t have a problem.
  • Stress Saving Tip: If you’re going to play your Music  on a component CD | DVD player, car stereo or if you are responsible for bringing all the music to your brother’s wedding, read this carefully. Not all players will play burned CDs and DVDs, especially the older ones. That’s because although they all look the same to you, they’re not all the same to your hardware. Make a test CD | DVD with just a few songs on it, and get it to play on your hardware to verify it will play. Once you’ve got it working, then continue with your project.

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