Tutorial: How to burn DVD-Audio on Mac

Instructions: How to Burn DVD-Audio on Mac with mirethMusic

Use this when you want to burn DVD-Audio music tracks to a DVD-R, DVD+R or a DVD-RW.  When recording with DVD-Audio music format, you can get approximately 2 hours of music on a DVD.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Burn Tab

    From the mirethMusic screen, click the “Burn” tab.

  2. Select Files.

    Select the files you want to burn.
    (Single-click, shift-click, or command-click to select the Library items, Playlists, or Playlist Groups that you want to burn from)

  3. Select Format from “Music Format” Pop Up

    Click the Music Format popup and select the item titled Burn DVD-Audio (2008) or Burn DVD-Audio (2013). If you don’t know which format, select Burn DVD-Audio (Guess).

  4. Start Job.

    Click the Burn button


  • mirethMusic is not intended for studio or professional DVD-Audio production.
  • non-WAV files (except for flac) will be converted to 16 bit sample sizes
  • WAV files with sample sizes other than 16 bits will be converted to 16 bit sample sizes
  • WAV files with sample rates of 16 bit are supported up to 96 kHz.
  • To use DVD-A with sample sizes greater than 16 bits try using flac files. Your mileage will vary but you may have better results.
  • If DVD-Audio will be your primary use, try the software in demo mode prior to purchase to ensure the produced DVD-A is acceptable. If you require a higher sample rate for your DVD-Audio, try flac files and if that does not work you should choose a high end professional DVD-Authoring product.

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