ShredIt X | Mac: How to use the free trial

Instructions: How to the ShredIt X free Trial

ShredIt X for Mac comes with a free trial version which allows you to see how the app works before you purchase it. ShredIt X runs in Demo mode when it has not been registered (i.e. you have not entered a Serial Number).

  • The free trial version performs exactly like the full version of the program, but instead of erasing files or folders, it only deletes them.
  • There is no limit to how long you can run the program free trial mode.
  • Once you have purchased it, you can enable the fully functional version of the program by entering the Serial Number | registration information.
  • To upgrade your free trial version to the full version, just click the “Buy Now” button.

To use the Free Trial, follow these steps:

  1. Install Shredit X.

    Download ShredIt X (
    and then Drag the ShredIt X folder to the Applications Folder.

    shredit x drag free trial

  2. Launch the App.

    Double click the ShredIt X icon to launch the app. The Registration Dialog will appear.

  3. Click “Run Demo”


  4. Explore ShredIt X.

    Run ShredIt X. For further information, refer to the ShredIt X Tutorial, or to the “How to Run ShredIt X” section of the ShredIt X ReadMe (pdf).

Now that you’ve installed and tried ShredIt X, you’re ready to see how to wipe your Data. For further instructions, see the other Tutorials.

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